What is Gemstones?

According to Indian Vedic Astrology Gemstones are representatives of a particular planet and wearing the planet’s gemstone will attract positive vibration of that planet. People wear gems for strengthening various planets and for propitiation purposes. The first Vedic proof or text that’s refers gems is Hora Sara by Varahamihira.

The Healing Gemstones.

Precious and semi-precious gemstones have been used since recorded history and probably before, for spiritual, emotional and physical healing. Alternative healers all over the world use gemstones today. It is best to use gemstones for physical healing with a professional, but the layman - with caution and practice - can use them. If you are using gemstones on yourself or helping a friend, it is best to work slowly and keep a written record of each treatment as to how long stone was left on the body and exactly where on the body it was placed. Some stones should not touch the body, but only be used about an inch or two above it. Research and understand each stone before using it. Click on the photos of the gemstones below to read more about that gemstone.
   Spiritual and emotional healing should also be done with a written record. You may have to experiment with many gemstones to find the correct stone for your purpose.

Types of Gemstones.

Use of gems is well researched in ancient India and among them , Nine gems are found to be the most powerful in delivering benefit to us. These nine gems are Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Pearl, Cat's Eye, Coral, Hessonite Garnet, Blue Sapphire and Yellow Sapphire. These are also called as Navrattan in India .

Each of these gems is used for different physical and mental purposes depending upon person’s needs and nature.

Diamonds :

DIAMOND is most sparkling gem on earth known as Heera in India. This is considered to be the most valued gem because of it,s unmatching qualities like hardness, vivid colours, firing and most importantly it’s resale price. Diamond is greatest of all the stones and has powerful positive spiritual and physical influences. Colourless diamond with no inclusion is found in rare and comes with big price tag. Surely I would like to share very useful information with my Indian community that nearly 85% of worldwide mined Diamonds are either Cut, Polished or pass through India. That's why India is considered to be most favorable shopping place for any kind of diamond at very reasonable (even world’s cheapest) prices.

Ruby :

RUBY is red in colour and is known as Manik in India. This is also one of the most precious of gems and can be equal to price of diamond.

Ruby is used in astrology for strengthening the heart, improving digestive system, promoting circulation and increasing energy.

Blue Sapphire :

BLUE SAPPHIRE as evident from name is blue in colour and known in India as Neelam. This stone is one of the earliest coloured gem known to a man. Of coloured gems, sapphire has been most venerated among all nations. Some of the world famous personalities used to wear blue sapphire and benefited a lot in making his/her future bright. Blue sapphire clears infections and wards off all negative energies. It is also considered to be anti tumor and anti fat and helps in reducing therapy. Blue sapphire strengthens bones, increases longevity and helps calm the nerves and emotions. Surely it promotes calm and peace.

Yellow Sapphire :

YELLOW SAPPHIRE has yellow colour and better known in India as Pukhraj. Generally we find this stone in most of the fingers right from common man to famous personalities . This happened due to it’s versatility of nature, quality and prices. Most of the Indians and others took lot of benefits as yellow sapphire has no negative effect. That’s why every person whether male or female is always eager to put this Pukhraj(Yellow Sapphire) in his/her finger for the sake of better and prosperous future. Yellow sapphire comes in light yellow to dark yellow colour.

Emerald :

EMERALD is green in colour and known in India as Panna. Emerald has a great history, being held in high esteem by many cultures throughout Indian history. Emerald calms mental agitation, regulates the nervous system, helps stop nerve pain and improves speech and intelligence. Emerald promotes healing, energies the breath, strengthens the lungs. It is harmonizing stone, good for cancer and other degenerative diseases. Emerald is found in many countries and available in very good quantity in India.

Chrysoberyl Cats-Eye :

CHRYSOBERYL CAT’S EYE found in many colours and qualities and known in India as a Lysunia.

This is considered a stone with spiritual emphasis. This is good for nervine stimulant and is helpful in mental disorders.

Hessonite Garnet :

HESSONITE GARNET is known in India as Gomed and mostly comes in brown colour. In India garnet was felt to be a guard against poison and disease and was worn to promote health and cheerfulness.

Blood Coral :

CORAL is known in India as a Moonga, usually red colour coral is to be put in finger.

Coral is organic stone and very useful in reducing anger, improving energy , strengthens blood and calms emotions.

Pearl :

PEARL is known in India as Moti and found in many colours. Now these days most of the pearls are cultured pearls. Basra and South Sea pearls are considered to be natural and most valued pearls. This is another organic stone and strengthens female reproductive system, improves fertility, calms the emotions.


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